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CardCues are a unique line of patented business card holders.  Invented, designed and manufactured in North America by Mike Sturba.  CardCues was founded in 2004 and is located in Canada's southernmost city -Windsor, Ontario.  Directly across the border from Detroit, Michigan. 

Mike is an idea ninja who studied at University of Windsor before working briefly at The Walt Disney Company.  For over two decades, Mike owned and operated a small commercial printing company and in that time created more than his fair share of business cards.   He has been honored with several international design and product accolades including awards from Staples and the Corel Corporation.

Since the current collections launched in 2010, over ONE MILLION individual holders have been purchased.   CardCues are sold through dealers across North America and worldwide by online merchants including

Over the years, Mike has been fortunate to have people say a lot of nice things about CardCues:

  • Idea/Inventor, Author/Guru Stephen Keys LOVES CardCues (we just can't find the video clip)

CardCues are available in pre-printed versions (utilizing recycled card stock) and a customizable inkjet edition.

Suite 722 • 269 Walker St. Detroit, MI 48207 866-469-4283

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